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The 007 Martini - Tasting Pack

The 007 Martini - Tasting  Pack

The Classic Martini is probably the most famous cocktail by name. Here is a tasting pack of all the famous Martini's so you can work out which is your go to Martini.

Full Pack = 4 x 100mls

What's Included:

1 x Classic Gin Dry(100mls)
1 x Vodka Dirty(100mls)
1 x Gin Dirty (100mls)
1 x Vesper 007 (100mls)
(Garnishes: olives and lemon twists)

Home Instructions
Home Setup Skill Level
Preparation Instructions:

■ Pre-chill glasses in a cold water/ice mix
■ When package arrives Chill bottle, the colder, the better
■ When ready to serve empty ice/water out of glass and pour fresh cocktail mix into your glass
■ add supplied garnish (either lemon or olives)

Preparation Time:

1 Minute

Suggested Glassware:

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The 007 Martini - Tasting Pack

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